Friday, May 2, 2014


I was so Blessed to spend my Saturday night with my two loving parents at the temple.


These cute kids belong to me! Please excuse Brooke. She was crying for some reason. I can't even remember why now. Then after church her mouth was blue from some candy. I was destined to not get a good picture.

 We did baskets in the morning and then had pancakes for breakfast. After that we got ready for church, the whole reason we celebrate Easter. I felt very blessed to go to church and listen to the talks and to teach my 5 year olds all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was a great day spent with my family. Of course, the only thing missing was Sean. I miss him so much. I can not wait for the day that we are a whole family again!!

xoxo Happy Easter:)

Wenatchee 2014

This year Wenatchee weekend fell on Easter Weekend. It's not very good timing if you have children, and your husband lives in another state. We decided we would leave early Friday morning and come back Saturday evening. It actually worked out great, and as always I had so much fun. We got into Leavenworth just in time to eat at Fresh Burger. It was a really yummy hamburger place that filled us up until we shopped around a little, picked up our packets and made our way to Visconti's. The #1 Italian restaurant in Washington! After dinner we headed back to our room to talk and just enjoy each others company. I was in a room with Amy, Kirsten, and Ashley.

                                                                         Amy and I
                                                                          Anna and I
 Here is my family that I love so much. Chance, Mindy and I did the half marathon and my mom and dad walked the 10k. Mindy pr'd by 23 minutes. I took it easy and ran with Vivian. I have been dealing with some knee pain which I hope gets better real soon.
 Our crossfit coaches came all the way over to watch us. It was so nice of them.(Keith, Kym and then a fellow crossfitter-Hannah.
 I ran with this girl the whole way. She got mad at me for pushing her and told me she hated it but by the end she was happy to finish and apologized for getting a little upset.
After the race, we went to the famous Cafe Rio (that is not anywhere close to Puyallup)
                                for some yummy post race food. I enjoyed my 2500 calorie meal.
                          Love this girl! Every time I see her, she gives me a big hug! I'm gonna miss her!
 Some more of the gang with our cool sweatshirts on. Laura is even sporting her medal.

                                                   and this girl came just to cheer us on!:)
 And wouldn't you know it. I get back from Wenatchee and these are on the doorstep. One day to late UPS!!! Oh well, they will come in handy, for my half tomorrow!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Missing him

It's been 3 weeks since I've seen Sean. I know that's not a long time, but I still have 4 weeks until he comes homes for one last visit. This has been a true test for us and as much as I don't want to move, I can't wait to wake up in his arms every morning. I want to be there when he gets home from work. I want to go to church as a family every Sunday. I want to go out on regular dates. I just want to be a family again!!! When we get there it will be a little over 7 months since this all started. At times, I really didn't think we would survive, but I know we will and we will be stronger because of it!
All of me loves all of him!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday April 13, 2014

Amy and I have been walking for months now. It's usually on Tuesday and Thursday right after we drop off the kids. I have 1 hour before I need to head down to crossfit. We walk in the cold, rain, snow and sun. Lately it has been pretty nice and this was our shadow and our walk this past Thursday. I will miss this time with Amy. We talk about anything and everything as we walk and sometime run. I hope I can find running, walking, and crossfitting friends in Utah! All my friends will be sorely missed!
My parents took out 2 trees in their yard a few days ago and I used my dead lifting skills to help with the clean up. Sometimes it just feels good to feel strong! Excuse the face. I never can make a decent face lifting something heavy. 

 When we went to Utah we took a look at our house. This is a little nook as you come down the stairs to the basement. I want to recreate something like this in this spot. This makes me happy. I just like the look of it.
 Like I had talked about before, we went to the Woman's general meeting. These are pictures from then:

 Last night in Utah we went to Fizz. They have some fun drinks to try including the Pink Poodle which Cierra and Brooke liked.

Baby Leo's Blessing: 3 "Wayne" generations



I've never really been a quote person but as I have had my struggles in recent months, it really has helped me read them and feel better about a lot of different things. Especially the quotes I get from my church leaders which is most of them.